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Indiana's Nonprofit Resource & Education Organization for OVARIAN CANCER

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   *Support Survivors,    
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Ovar'coming Together is dedicated to helping ovarian cancer survivors. 

We exist to support and empower you; to offer hope and comfort; to connect you with other women in situations similar to your own; and to provide resources for you, as well as for your family and caregivers. 

Survivorship is defined by the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship as anyone with a history of cancer, from the time of diagnosis and for the remainder of life. This is the standard definition for cancer survivors in the U.S.

Cancer Survivorship is a challenge faced by millions of Americans. Survivorship focuses on adapting to life with, through, and beyond cancer. Imperative to the notion of survivorship is self-advocacy taking responsibility for your cancer care through open communication, shared decision making, and active participation in your care. Self-advocacy helps to build confidence and can improve quality of life. 

Ovar'coming Together Resources and Programs
Ovar'coming Together has a variety of programs to support survivors and caregivers. We invite you to participate in all that might interest you. Many survivors also find volunteering to be an effective outlet - as well as a way to make connections with others who are dealing with ovarian cancer whether it be other survivors, family members, caregivers or advocates.

The Cancer Survival Toolbox® is a FREE self-advocacy training program written by cancer survivors, oncology social workers, and oncology nurses. Available through the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, it teaches survivors how to find information, communicate and negotiate with their health care team and employer, make good decisions, and stand up for their rights. It also includes specialty topics like "First Steps," "Finding Ways to Pay for Care," and "Special Topics for the Older Person with Cancer". 

Cancer-related Resources & Links 
My Cancer Manager (iPhone): Track stress levels and side effects, access cancer information, and connect with a Cancer Support Community near you or online. Free. (Developed by Cancer Support Community)

iCANcer (iPhone): Developed by a two-time cancer survivor, iCANcer seeks to help personalize your cancer journey and store all your important medical information including cancer treatments, medications, medical issues, appointment information, and medical contacts. Fee applies. (Developed by Naomi Bartley)

Survivor Support