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The Ovar'coming Together Speakers Bureau is a volunteer speakers program
designed to inform community members about ovarian cancer through free
presentations to Indiana businesses, organizations and groups. Presentations
are done on a volunteer basis by trained individuals, and may run between
40-55 minutes in length. The goal of a presentation is that attendees will ultimately:

1. Know the risk factors and common symptoms of ovarian cancer;
2. Understand that a Pap test rarely detects ovarian cancer; and
3. Know the proper steps to take if ovarian cancer symptoms persist.

Ovar'coming Together will provide to volunteers an initial training session; educational materials (brochures, power point presentation, etc.); and evaluation forms. It will also provide information updates and/or revised curriculum as needed.

Upon completing the initial training session, each volunteer must observe a presentation given by an existing Ovar'coming Together presenter. Next, the volunteer must either co-present during a presentation or be observed during a presentation in order to begin presenting on his or her own. Upon completion of a volunteer first solo presentation, he or she will receive a Speakers Bureau name badge and be listed as a trained speaker on the Ovar'coming Together website.

Volunteers should always arrive to a presentation 10-15 minutes prior to its scheduled start time. Volunteers should always end a presentation by having evaluation forms completed.

Within 5 business days of having given a presentation, volunteers are expected to return a completed Presentation Summary Form, along with each attendees completed evaluation form, to the Ovar'coming Together via either mail or fax.

Volunteers are expected to complete a minimum of two presentations annually. One of the two should be a presentation self-recruited by the volunteer (as opposed to a referral from Ovar'coming Together).

When questions are asked during a presentation that extend beyond the scope of a volunteer's expertise, (i.e., legal advice, technical information, etc.), volunteers should refer the attendee back to the Ovar'coming Together office. Volunteers must not give medical advice or suggestions, nor should they answer any questions about something which they are not fully informed via the provided curriculum.

This is a great opportunity to educate community members while sharing your story about how ovarian cancer has touched your life. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Ovar'coming Together.
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