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Ovar'coming Together supports survivors and co-survivors with the goal of helping each person affected by the disease to have the best quality of life possible. The organization provides educational resources, outlets to support the emotional needs of survivors, and opportunities for survivors to connect with one another in uplifting and meaningful social settings.  

Ovar'coming Together's mission also includes educating Indiana communities about the symptoms and risks of ovarian cancer, and networking with medical professionals across the state to help increase early detection and thereby reduce the number of women who die from the disease.

The following resources are available to medical hospitals and offices:

*HOPE (Helping Ovarian Patients Endure) Packets
HOPE Packets are thoughtfully-compiled free informational packets designed for the newly diagnosed woman. Doctors and hospitals are invited to request a supply of the Packets​ to keep on hand to give to ovarian cancer patients. Included in each packet is support group information, resources, books, pamphlets, catalogs, an Indiana Gynecologic Oncologist listing, personal notes and more.  Request HOPE packets.

*The Interim Guidance for the Management of Average-Risk Women with Symptoms Suggestive 
of Ovarian Cancer and Management Strategies Algorithm developed by leading U.S. ovarian cancer 
researchers and physicians is available to medical offices to aid in the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The 
algorithm is laminated and appropriate for hanging. Download copies or request free hard copies. These 
documents serve as especially great tools for front-line physicians who regularly deal with symptoms of ​
bloating, abdominal pain, urinary symptoms and gastrointestinal issues.

*Ovarian Cancer Brochures, Symptom Cards and Symptoms Posters are available for your medical office  to post or set out for patients to take home with them. Request free materials.

*Symptom Diaries  
Symptom Diaries are available to assist you and your patient who may be exhibiting symptoms of ovarian    
cancer to communicate more clearly regarding the persistence and severity of her symptoms. Download 
copies or request free hard copies.  

Medical Professional Resources
*Survivors Teaching Students
Ovar'coming Together's newest ​educational initiative is Survivors Teaching Students®.  Started by our national 
affiliate, the program involves interacting with future healthcare professionals - physicians, nurse practitioners,   nurses and physician assistants - to increase their understanding of ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors   so they will be able to diagnose the disease when it is in its earlier, most treatable stages.

Survivors Teaching Students brings ovarian cancer survivors into medical classrooms to share their stories and key information about the disease. The program has grown to include 81 medical schools around the country as well as 33 nurse practitioner, nursing and physician assistant training programs and schools.